About L-LL

I specialise in developing life-long leadership with individuals and in organisations.

I use an innovative coaching approach based on the notion of Transformational

Learning, and provide bespoke programmes, tailored to your specific needs. Transformational learning sits at the boundary of coaching and education and results in Transformational change.

Coaching sessions are facilitated, individually or in groups, to enable clients to explore, develop and adopt attitudes and behaviours that lead to enhanced personal and professional results.

The clients I work with are usually:
· Ambitious and Driven individuals
· Aiming to build on or develop personal or organisational resources
· Wishing to hone their gifts, strengths, and talents
· Looking to put their resources to good use, to enhance performance and achieve results

Life-Long leadership works on the premise that we are all leaders, in some area of our lives. Even if we do not have to lead others, we always have responsibility to lead ourselves, and to do so well.

Life-Long leadership evolves throughout the duration of the life span, with pivotal points of changes at different life-stages, and transitions, or when meeting a challenge. Each stage, or challenge, is constructed in coaching as inspiring innovation, which demands clear strategic thinking and confident action.

To act and lead successfully, organisms must be adept in:

  • Handling Complexity
  • Bonding and Working with others
  • Continually learning and adapting to their environment

In response, my approach is to emphasise developing:

  • Self-awareness as the foundation of visionary leadership
  • Inner confidence to focus on objectives and goal setting
  • Competence by building personal and professional skills
  • Co-operation with stakeholders in taking action
  • Pragmatic ways for sustaining successful leadership behaviours

To achieve that, I coach on three focuses:

  • Self-leadership for personal cohesion
  • Professional-leadership for career and work development
  • Performance-leadership for effectively using resources to achieve results