MH – Vice President Finance

“With no exaggeration, having Keith as a coach was a life changing experience. Using a crude analogy, I was like a 15 year old car that needed servicing and tuning. I was able to sit and introspect and do some soul searching to gain self-awareness. Keith made me so comfortable that I could talk about nearly anything. I never was looking at the watch when we had the sessions as it was so interactive and engaging. More importantly, Keith helped me upskill myself so that I could self-evolve which was the most valuable facet of this experience. I could go on and on but as my closing comments, I would like to let you know that this has been by far the most effective part of this training program and I have ALREADY shared my feedback with many in my organization about how good this coaching has been for me”.

MH – Vice President Finance, Global Consultancy Organisation